sábado, 1 de noviembre de 2014


·       Introductions of participants and directors, and of individual seminar projects.
·       Overview of the Summer Seminar by the director and co-director.
·       Information about the theater resources in Buenos Aires (theaters, libraries, bookstores, newspapers, special publications on theater).
·       Guest speaker: From Teatro Calibán (Buenos Aires), Norman Briski, awarded Argentine actor, director and playwright, will lecture on his artistic experience from the late 60s to the present.
·       Attendance to theater productions during the weekend.


·       Participants will report on their initial experience as spectators in relation to the concepts introduced and discussed during the first week.
·       The two plays assigned for reading in the previous week will both be discussed, in association with the attended theater productions (to be selected according to offerings in Buenos Aires).
·        Psychoanalytical approach to theatricality.
·       Introduction to Latin America women’s theater.
·       Guest speaker: Cristina Escofet (Argentinean playwright, director and feminist scholar).
·       Attendance to theater productions during the weekend.


·       A short play will be selected, read and discussed; participants in small groups will design at least two staging projects of that play, by taking into account all the concepts already implemented.
·       Globalization and Neoliberalism: Economic, social, and cultural consequences.
·       Guest speaker: Dr. Ricardo J. Gómez, Ph.D. (California State University, Los Angeles, and University of Buenos Aires).
·        Communitarian Theater (Argentina 1983-present).
·       Guest Speakers: A panel with Communitarian Theater Directors: Adhemar Bianchi, Ricardo Talento and Agustina Ruiz Barrea.
·       Attendance to theater productions during the weekend.


·       Debate on concepts that are linking all the individual seminar projects in order to promote collaboration and exchange among participants, and consolidate the final project for the future book.
·       Preliminary thoughts on implications of our seminar work for classroom teaching, including ways of incorporating online and other electronic resources.
·       Meetings will be dedicated to individual presentations; each presentation will be followed by a short discussion.
·       Attendance to theater productions during the weekend.